Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Girl In Town

We have been looking for a new dog and finally found one her name was Leia but we call her Leah. She is a really good dog her and Max had a rough start but now they are playing, running all over the yard, and sleeping together on his couch. I tell you we have been blessed when it comes to dogs she is so smart sits when I tell her to. She did nip when we would her a treat no more only took me 2 days to break her of that now she gentle takes it. I really think she likes it here her and Max have a good time chasing each other they take turn who will lead.The only bad thing is you want to call it that she's a licker when K and Ann are here Leah has to be in their face licking them. It's funny K yells stop Le stop, go go away. The funny thing is we have 2 grand babies 2 dogs, the dogs have pick a child to sit under at dinner time that is the nicest thing about dogs they are the clean up crew.

Got to love them.
Until Later,