Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Big Why

The big Why is the why we ask our selves from time to time 
Why am I here? 
Why do I work in a job I hate?
Why do I stay married to someone who hurts me so?
Why do I do anything?
Why do I study the word and finding no answers?
Why do I paint or draw?
Why do I craft?
Why do I clean house and clean my toilet? 
Sure some of these things may make you feel good and bring you joy,some not so much. But really there is only one answer. It comes down to one thing it's a heart issue. 
If you say I do this or that because I enjoy it, I love doing it, I do it for money to feed my family, to pay bills, to be famous, to be successful.
As good and noble as these might be if this is your first thought then I'm here to tell you, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. 
The Big Why has a simple answer but one that I can not tell. If I was to tell you, you would lose out on your journey to discover the answer and that's where true joy is. It takes something that I find most people really don't want to do. We live in a world that if I can't get it in 2 seconds it's not worth it we have to have it NOW. How do find the Big Why it's done with self reflection truly seeing yourself and your relationships. I will tell if after doing this you come way thinking it's about me and the world is to blame then you did it wrong. 
I wish you well on your journey to finding your Big Why. 
Until Later,