Thursday, June 6, 2013

View from the tub

When my kids were little they always had to come and talk to me when I was in the tub. I thought "Oh Well when they get older I'll get to be alone in the tub". That didn't happen even when they were in high school they would sit on bed while I was in the tub. I thought "Oh Well when they leave the house I'll be alone". Well that is the only time I get to be alone cause when they come to visit guess what they come to talk to me, and just so he doesn't miss out even Wate comes in once in awhile. Once I had grandkids I thought maybe they won't come in. I was wrong K always comes in to tell how I need bubbles or a toy or washcloth. I never knew I was taking a bath wrong all these years. I thank God everyday I have her to tell me the right way. Got to love the wisdom of little one. Bath time is for play not just relaxing.

I just love this girl. 
Until Later

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