Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Bored

When I was growing up I said that once then my Dad said you know what they say about people who say their bored, that they are dull people. Well I can tell you that hit me hard I did not what to be a dull person. So I worked to find something to do my Mom taught me how to crochet and I learned needlepoint, my Dad taught me about decoupage which I'd like to get back into and they both gave me my love of books. An you know what happen I was never bored again. I had hobbies and I was happy, still am.
Every weekend which I dread more than the plague I hear the something "I'm bored." My husband is one of those people that needs to be entertained if he isn't going and doing every min. of the day he's bored. He doesn't have a hobbies per say nothing he wants to do which I find so sad cause he he has more talent in his little finger than most people for wood working. He has made me some beautiful things I have a chopping block that has been the envy of many. But because he doesn't have the Yankee Workshop he says he doesn't want to do anything. He doesn't see that if he had done what he could with what he had years ago he'd have that shop. I believe he could have made a living out of his gift. I have seen so many people just throw away their gifts. I could just spit.
My hope to everyone is find something your good at and do it if it turns into something more fine but don't become one of the dull people. I'm so gratful that I did teach my kids to find something. That way they never are bored.
This past weekend my hubby had duty it's funny they were in the field down the road from here. But I had a good weekend I cleaned my house not just clean like every week clean I did the carpets and everything it looks great. It's something I couldn't do with hubby around. I have only one sad thing I didn't do any crafting. Oh well there is always next month.


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Oh...oh...a kindred heart! Yes, I agree totally...everyone should have a hobby, and it drives me nuts to see people (ahem...perhaps some family members) just twiddling their time away, bored or always needing to be entertained. It puts me on edge; drives me crazy. I'm determined to teach my kids to have a hobby...any about three different hobbies. At this point they know not to say they're bored because I put them to work cleaning--but they will certainly need to develop hobbies as they get older. Okay, I'll stop (starting to breathe slower now), but you really hit one today! Well spoken! ; )