Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well my summer sad is in full swing. I'm feeling like crap and with other stresses in my life right believe me this doesn't help. I will most likely be like this for the next 6 months. But winters here aren't much they are still warm. The battles have started I pull the black out curtain close and Wate opens them, I turn the air as low as I can get away with, fans on high, and guess who gets cold you guessed it Wate and he goes and turns them off. All the while I'm sitting here with sweat pouring off me. My ice packs are at the ready and have already started using them. My Christmas music is on all the time and I'm looking to get more for my stupid mp3 player. I'll be playing my winter DVD's and any holiday movie I can find soon. Why does the sun have to scream at me the way it does. I live for the night the cool darkness and the bright stars. Valondra and I are planning to do something fun for the winter solstice our favorite day the first day of winter. Maybe we should do something for the summer solstice are at least the day after, the day when the darkness starts to come back. I don't know cause I really hate the summer. I guess we'll see how hot it is at the time. Now it's time to go get a ice pack.
Until Later
Holly Days



aimee said...

poor girl. i just finished reading a christmas book. no matter what time of year i like to read christmas books :)

Unknown said...

Holly, it's cold up here today. Want to come over? Hope you get over the summer blahs soon! Sit back and have a cold glass of iced tea.:)


Micki said...

I can see that you like winter. Well, it will be here before you know it. Thanks for stopping by.