Monday, June 14, 2010

Fathers Day PT2

You are not going to believe this all weekend long I keep thinking that Fathers day was last Sunday. After we get home from our big weekend we find out that Fathers day is next Sunday. We are going on a marriage retreat next weekend so I guess it was good that we got mixed up. We had a really good time at the gardens I can't believe how much fun we had, we could have stayed longer but they were closing, 2 hours just isn't enough time. So here are the pics I said I'd have I put them in a video we took so many pics that I'll be making another one soon. Hope you all enjoy it.

Until Later


RMKK said...

Cactus are beautiful! I loved the slideshow and the music. The garden is obviously a special place. So glad you enjoyed yourselves.


aimee said...

what neat pictures. i love to look at different gardens. i go on garden tours with my friends :)
have a wonderful time at the marriage retreat.

Micki said...

I love cactii and always enjoy gardening pics.