Thursday, September 16, 2010


Can you believe it this guy was sitting next to my fire pit when I walked outside. Then he just started crawling around like he owned the place. I think it's a Coachwhip I wish he'd go away. I'm hopeing the cats will take care of it. But they are afraid of the frogs. I don't want to even go outside. Life in the desert is ssssoooo much fun.

Until Later


Lorie said...

Holy mother of pearl! That thing is HUGE! Can't you call animal control?

I couldn't let it live and ever step foot in my yard again!!!

Lorie said...

How LONG is that thing! He is wrapped around like 10 times!!


Sara said...

Yikes! I would have been long gone if I saw him.

Micki said...

I hate snakes, so I would have been scared silly!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! How close is this to your house? I would have been really scared to see a monster snake like this in my yard!


lotsofglue said...

He is pretty!! White vinegar sprayed at him should drive him away. And if you scatter mothballs around the area he will stay away.
Last year we had an influx of water moccasins in our yard, the year is we have found three copperheads. Sometimes I think I would rather live in the desert than next to a bayou.

baukje said...

Oh I am afraid of those snakes.