Saturday, November 13, 2010

A winner

HDMac said...
Oh my goodness !!! What a fun giveaway! First of all Happy belated birthday! I hope that your day was very special! Secondly, I would love to be a winner!!! I love crafts and I love tea! So it would be a win win! lol Thanks for visiting my blog today and for the sweet comment you left. I do love to crochet and it is fun to give handmade gifts made with love! :) Thanks for the chance to win our prize. My birthday is the 11th of this month!
She was a guaranteed winner since she was the only one who entered you lucky girl. I'll be sending you an email for your info and I'll get it out to you next week.
Until Later


Sherry said...

I am so sorry I missed your great giveaway. I have not been reading and keeping up with blogs as much as I used to. I decided to visit a few I haven't visited in a while and here I am. Congratulations to the winner and Happy Birthday to you, a little late.

HDMac said...

Believe me, I FEEL like a winner after opening my box in the mail today! Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful gift! I just love everything! You are so talented and I am feel so blessed to have been the recipient of your beautifully crafted goodies! THANK YOU AGAIN!