Wednesday, September 21, 2011


While visiting my in laws awhile back my MIL and I were talking while Wate and his Dad were working on their computer so that they could get on the Internet. I was telling Milly how wonderful the Internet is all the things it has to offer so many things to learn. That was a whole world out there and that she didn't need to just sit around and watch TV. She told me that she was 76 and just to old to learn anything new shocked that anyone would every say such a thing I told her she was never to old to learn thinking that she just need some encouragement that she wasn't to old. She went on to say that since all her sibling that have died around the age of 86 she only had that long and that she just wasn't interested. I said well if your not interested that's one thing but your never to old. She said that I don't understand cause I'm still young (who thought 50 as young) that when I get to be her age I'd understand. I asked her who said that when you get to be 76 you can't do anything that I have known people who have done more things in their later years than they every did before, why did she think life was over. She just kept repeating I'd understand when I was her age. I finally told her I never wanted to be her age in her mind she was to old in my mind I'm still in my 20's. If George Bush Sr. can jump out of a plane at 85 why can't I.
I never want to be so old I feel I can't learn something new, my grandma was in her 90's when she pasted and she always told me "I can always learn something and want to Holly you are more in the world tell what you have learned so that I may know it too." That's the person I want to be, always learning new things until I leave this world. I want to be able to talk with my grand kids about the things they want. To keep up with technology my 2 year old grand daughter knows more about how things works than my kids did at her age. Imagine what she will know at 10, I want to be able to touch her and her world.
So my friends am I just crazy is Milly right that life is over at 76? I really don't want to live like that, I want to dance in the rain, get a rush from a thunderstorm, share a lightning storm with my grand kids, ride on the back of Wate's bike. Be it now or 100 years from now.

Until Later


Anonymous said...

you are so right!! maybe she's coming around though. She would was telling the hubby she was going to be gone soon. like this year. Now we have at least 10 yrs added to it. I think this weekend will wake her up some to what she should or could be doing. Like yoiu I'm not ready to feel old. =)
love ya

RMKK said...

I couldn't agree with you more. You're as young as you feel. I always think of Colonel Sanders who started his fried chicken business after age 60...65 I think. And the woman who didn't know a thing about farming when she started at 60.

Go for all the gusto you can get, Holly!