Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 years in the making!!!!!

I have been trying to get Wate to make these bean bag toss for 30 years I wanted our kids to have them when they were growing but that never happen. I was determined to have them for the grand kids. At the beginning of the year I made up my mind not to wait for Wate to do it or to do any kind of wood work for me I would learn to do it myself I think they came out wonderful and so far K loves them. I have made a few things out of wood it's so funny when people see them they say WOW Wate that's really neat when I tell them he didn't make it I
did they get real quite and don't seem to know what to
say like some how a women shouldn't be doing this. What can I say I'm a BIG fan of Ana White I have learned so much from her and have a long list of thing to make I' hoping to get K's kitchen cut out before the new year.
Until Later


Marlene said...

I think the gals are just as good as the guys, or better, at woodworking. Glad you didn't wait forever to get the project done. Really cute! I've made wooden ornaments and one day (when I get around to it), Eileen and I plan to make an easel.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving my dear Blogger friend.