Sunday, June 28, 2009


My daughter Desi got two tickets to the circus so her and I went. I hadn't been in a long time over 30 years. We had a really good time mostly because I was with Desi. The only thing was the prices of everything what happen to the good old days when cotton candy came on a stick and a snow cone came in a paper cup. Just cause you dress it up with all kinds of fancy doesn't change what it is. In spite of that I did scum I bought one of each for us. I can't imagine what it like to have a big family and paying these prices. You'd need a stimulus package just to go and buy anything. It was fun seeing the acrobats I always loved them I could watch them all day. Desi liked the elephants. The cats reminded me of my house cats it's funny how much alike they are.
Until later.
Holly Days