Friday, June 26, 2009

Life in the desert

We moved here about 16 years ago not by my choice. We lived in a very big city for many years and recently moved outside of town to a small town. It's funny we went from a broken down trailer to a beautiful house that is 2 1/2 times bigger. Our children are grown and gone. At times I feel bad that we didn't have this nice a house when our kids were small. I like to think that this is Gods way of preparing us for better things. It takes some getting use to having all this space. In some ways it's scary in others I enjoy it. I have a room for all my crafts and a place for quilting frame.

Life here is not easy everyday I'm reminded of the fact that I hate it here. There are only 2 seasons here hot and hotter. The color brown is everywhere. I so miss color every color but brown. Maybe that's why my favorite color is all of them. I miss change to, have a winter again to be snowed in for days. That's my kind of wonderful. To have thunderstorms during the day not just at night. What would that be like. Someday I hope to feel what it's like to have a winter, to see colors, to bundle up in warm clothes what a wonderful day that will be. Until then I live my life with the dreams of someday being north of here.

Holly Days Closet
p.s. the photos are not mine I got them from I have seen them on post cards.