Sunday, October 11, 2009


With Sukkot now over it's so sad that I didn't get to celebrate it. Wate would have just made it so hard to enjoy. I wonder why Wate makes things so hard doesn't he see that he misses out on so much. I have come to see that anger robs you steals everything that is important and convinces you that if only everyone would stop making them mad and just do what you say they wouldn't be anger anymore. So this Sukkot was a sad one even if we didn't do anything. I always seem to have this sadness of pity for Wate since I know there may came a day when he sees what his anger has done and it will be to late or even sader that he'll see it and not care.
I really wanted to go camping this year but oh well. I hope next year I'll get to do something I want K to have some holidays. Even if I don't get to be with her on those days.
Until Later