Friday, December 4, 2009


I kinda got into a heated discussion with my niece on facebook last night she put a comment Let go and Let God I said UUUHHH no I don't think so because I have seen to many people use that as a way of doing what they want. Well she came back that she was sad for me. I don't know why but I told her not to be I wasn't. Again I tryed to explain to her that there are a lot of people out there that use that as an excuse to sin cause they are letting go and letting God. Then I get attacked by her friends because of my avatar. Mind you these people don't know me or my reason for my avatar, I'm a 49 year old woman who suffers from Summer SAD so I have a sexy young cartoon in the snow that says Snowflake are kisses from heaven because I'd love to be young again and in the snow. At this point all I could say was they proved my point and I'd be praying for them. They all missed the deeper point I was trying to make. My son and I discussed this very thing last weekend and he was able to see what I was saying.
Let me say now that I don't really think of my self as a Christian (not in todays terms) but I not a non-Christian either. I believe in the Messiah as well as the Torah. I'm a blend of the two it's called Messianic Judaism. For me this was the best next step in my walk with God.
Now the reason I dislike the saying let go and let God. I have seen a number of people say that I'm letting go of everything and I'm letting God control everything, all the while spending like there's no tomorrow just because they want it, back biting their family,always wanting more of what their neighbor has, living very unwise. In the mean time as they are letting go and letting God they are filing for bankruptcy losing their homes, cars, getting divorced, and have kids that run wild. And they wonder why God didn't fix those things they were letting go and letting God, He was suppose to be in control. You can let go and let God all you want but you are still reasonable for your actions and the consequences of them. It's not about whose in control it's about trust. I don't think God controls or wants to control our life we do. The more we trust God the more we move our life in that direction. I have free will I chose the the path he wants or not. He wants us to freely chose His way that He knows best, trust that He will provide and stand by us. But we must also do the right thing, pay our bills, learn to say no don't drive ourselves in debt, don't care what are neighbor has, cherish your spouse, discipline our children, live wisely.
I guess the saddest thing is, is what I hoped people (my niece) would want is a deeper conversation not just the surface that most people get when you let go and let God. In stead I feel like I got jumped. I should have known better surface is all there is to most people.
Thanks for letting me rant.
Until Later