Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 of 52

Hows this I walked down the street for a clear shot of the clouds coming in. I'm calling these promises unfulfilled. The weather man said we had a good chance of rain I could spit more than it rained. I'll tell I feel so cheated it seems like most of the country is getting the weather I want and what do I get nothing a big fat zero. Oh well I can't win for losing.

Until Later
Holly Days


Julia said...

Oh too bad no rain! Fingers crossed.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

You can have some of our weather :)
I love that last photo. It looks like there's a hole in the sky.

RMKK said...

lol! You got some clouds though. Of course we have snow on the ground but I'm a little jealous of the east coast myself. We are pretty mild here and thawing those poor Canadians that are having a SPRING, Winter Olympics.

Lorie said...

That last picture is really cool!