Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chino Bandido

I know that most you have no clue what a Chino Bandido is, but let me tell you, if your in AZ you should. Here's a hint: 19th ave and Greenway rd is one; the other and newest one is at Chandler Blvd. and Dobson. These are the only places I know where you can see a Mexican Panda and get the best food in the world if your looking for chinican (clash of Mexican and Chinese). The Jerk Chicken and fried rice can you say YUM. They have also been on Dinner and Dive on the Food network. With every meal you always get a cookie and it's just more YUM. And Every other weekend they give you a different cookie called and Volcano Cookie and that's an even bigger
YUM!! We had a really good day even K ate
she likes black beans. I love being with my two
favorite girls.

Until Later
Holly and Valondra

P.S. In no way did Chino's pay me for saying this I wish they would they could pay me in food. ;)


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Yum....What's more to say. I never heard of Mexican-Chinese food, but it sounds good.

RMKK said...

Mexican-Chinese? Don't think I'm brave enough for that! Your P.S. is funny....I was going to say something on my last post about how good the coffee is and my daughter asked me if they were paying me to say that. lol!


aimee said...

hi :) thanks for coming over for a visit. i love spending time with my girls too. i love spening time with my sons, but they dont talk as much so i have to do it all :) when i take my boys out to eat they eat and they are ready to leave. when i take my girls out its food, dessert and coffee :) my son was just in AZ for an RC event ill have to ask him if he ate there.