Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm a little pissed today. I HATE MY MP3 PLAYER. For all you out there that may be thinking I need a new one stay away from RCA OPAL. Mine keeps freezing up on me and the only way to shut it down is with a shock thank God my couch has plenty of that. I've tried to get help with it and all I get is nothing. I do all the things they told and it still does it. Next time I will spend the extra money and get a better one. What good it a player with all this wonderful memory if it only plays the same songs. I had a WALKMAN and I loved it, but I upgraded to one with more memory should have stuck with a brand I really liked. Now I need to look and find something that has 8 or more GB. So if any of you all know of a good brand please let me know. AAARRRGGGHHH you not going to believe this it just did it to me again while I was writing this. I can't win with this thing. Well wish me luck on my hunt for a new one.
Until Later