Friday, August 13, 2010

Annual Training

I know it's been awhile busy busy that's me. While Wate was at his AT (annual training) I was busy doing the things that needed to get done. This year it was cleaning carpets, I painted our island chalk board, did some mod-podge, made a ketubah for our anniversary, then finally use my cricut and if you don't have one you need to get one. I have found some cheap ways to use my cricut to resticky your cutting mat just take a glue stick and rub the entire surface let it dry and it's done and ready to go again. For some cheap vinyl to do all that fancy stuff like I did in my slide show I used contact paper I bought a roll of white cut it to fit in the cricut then painted it the color I wanted and it came out great. I can hardly wait to get my SCAL so I can do even more. The possibilities are endless. Wish I could get it now hopefully I'll be able to get it before Dec.

Until Later


Anonymous said...

Dang you were one busy girl!!!!
Looks beautiful!!
The tables are beautiful!! ANd the candles WOW!!!
Little on looks like she's having fun with her new chalk board.

Anonymous said...

HAHA that was supposed to say Little One not little on=D

Josh Healy said...

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