Monday, August 30, 2010


Can you guess what we are getting ready to do. You guessed it camping. I love camping this time of year it's so much cooler up north. I can hardly wait I think we'll go up to Sedona and do some hiking in the red rocks. Who knows what we will find on our walk. I want to find a good walking stick so I can make a talking stick it will be fun. It will be Maxs first time hope he does well. I will be taking tons of pics to show you all just how
beautiful Sedona is. If Wate wasn't so bent
on having a place to hook up we could go any place. The only thing that I really want when we camp is a bathroom. Going in the bushes is not really something I'm into.
Until Later


RMKK said...

Hope you have or are having a good time! I LOVE the red rocks. And I'm with you, I need a toilet.

Happy Trails,
RMKK Companion