Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 Months and Counting

Well can you believe it. It's been 6 months without cable and I don't miss paying for something I can get for free. You gotta love the internet I don't think there isn't anything I can't watch. I get my Fox news I have 5 places I can watch. Wate and I are star trek fans and we are now watching Voyager. We also got to watch the super bowl on the net. Some the places we watch are from other countries which makes for some fun watching their commercials are a laugh to bad I don't understand them. I just need now how to get my laptop connected to my TV I think I need the box hopefully when we get our tax return I'll be able to get it. I know that will make watching alot easier. I really do love not having cable I never thought I'd say that but it's true. Wate is still getting use to quiet he feels that something has to be going on even if we're not watching it. I don't understand that I like it gives me time to think and reflect which is something I think everyone should do from time to time. I think it helps you grow as a person. Maybe more people in this country should unplug they just might learn something about themselves (maybe that's why they don't cause they are afraid of what they will learn).
Until Later