Monday, November 23, 2009

True Confession

I've read a couple of these today and thought I'd join in. So here are my little secrets.

I love glitter and will sometime buy it just to have it.

I love snow more than anything and could be happy being snowed in for days.

I hate summer and the sun.

Even though I like vampires I have to say I'm on team Jacob.

I have been procrastinating in my crafts and I don't know why.

I fear being forgotten.

Now how about you whats your little secret.
Til later


shopannies said...

the fear of being forgotten my dear you write a blog where your words and thoughts will be shared by many your words put on paper will possibly touch the hearts of many that you do not even realize as of yet

shopannies said...

I am also signing up to follow

A Joyful Chaos said...

I am not a big fan of summer either and always rejoice when winter rolls around.

Goosegirl said...

I gag at the smells of bleach and canned tuna.

I love being "rained in", more than snowy or sunny days.

I eat Chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

And probably my goofiest thing.... on cold days, after I finish a mug of tea, I put the hot mug inside my shirt to warm up my lungs. Weird but sooooo warm!

untoldexpressions said...

I'd like to exchange ideas on being forgotten - what it means to us. I love watching the falling snow and walking in it. But usually it is freezing the next day. We don't get snow, but we're getting rain tomorrow. I love rain, everything except driving in it because of the other drivers.

I seem to be spending all my time on the computer instead of working on my Christmas gifts. Maybe I'm afraid they won't be good enough or liked. The big procrastination.

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Oh gosh, I would do anything for some summer and sun right now....
and your love for need to move up to our neck of the woods.