Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going Green

I'm not one of those green people that gets all bent if you don't recycle or that man is to blame for the earths woe's. I use my bags when I do my grocery shopping. As you can see some I've bought others I've made. I really do like using them I have more than enough bags. In fact cashiers have told me that they have never seen anyone who had enough for all their groceries. While checking out today at Wal-Mart I was told by the cashier that Wal-Mart was thinking about starting to charge for their plastic bags 15 cents a bag can you believe that. I guess I will be making sure I always take my bags even if I just keep one or two in the car at all times. To bad they don't pay me for bringing my own bags. Until Later


RMKK said...

Yikes! Wal-Mart charge us? Glad we've collected a lot of totes, just in case. Nice bags Holly!

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I've been using them and I love them. I keep them all in my car so I always have them. I love your jean one. It's been fun catching up on your blog.

Julia said...

I love using my own fleet of bags... They look like yours just different colors. :)

At my grocery store there is a surprising number of bring your own bags. It's encouraging.