Friday, March 5, 2010

Growing old

The other day Valondra (my daughter) asked "Mom what does it mean to grow old gracefully" I must not be doing it right if she had to ask. I had to say I'm not really sure and it got me to thinking what does it mean. I'll be 50 next year WOW I can't believe that I don't feel 50 even V said she doesn't see me that old it's like I froze in my early 40's. I know I don't want to be like my grandma's they just seemed old so does my mom and mom-in-law. Am I destined to follow the women I know, just become old, wear lots of polyester, and what I call granny panties. Could I really live not wearing my hip hugging flare jeans and my tank tops. And lets not forget bra free which I haven't worn since high school. I love going around in flip flops or no shoes at all, all my sock have holes and I don't care. Of all the things I read about growing old with grace it all speaks of growing older, wiser, still living, having fun running, jumping, playing. We do not quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing. Benjamin Franklin. Could Ben be wrong I'd like to think not. So this is me not living to get old but to get older wearing my jeans, tank tops, bra free, bear feet, chasing my grand babies and in 20 some odd years chasing my great grand babies. I want to be the cool grandma the one that doesn't really fit in the mold. So I think with all being said I am growing older with grace, but getting old I will fight kicking and screaming. Now I have to go dye my hair you know it's part of the whole kicking and screaming thing.

Until Later
Holly Days


Ellieboo said...

My mum, now in her seventies, is so not old. As she keeps telling me seventy is the new sixty. And its true. No need to get old if you dont want to I reckon.

RMKK said...

Age is a state of mind Holly, and from what you've said in your post you are young at heart. No, we don't have to wear polyester and cut our hair into old lady do's. I wash that gray right outta my hair too, but remember gray is the new blonde.


azultigre said...

Don't grow old!! I could never see you any other way then you are!!
We've watched to many people loose that inner child and turn to very bitter people. Don't lose it.=)