Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toy Society

Dropped off 2 today at San Tan Mountain Regional Park, AZ. Hope they find a good home.

Until Later


Julia said...

This is the most fabulous idea. You did well!!

Don't you wish you could put up a hidden camera?

aimee said...

how adorable! what a sweet idea:) great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Minnesota and I'm with my family is visitng Phoenix. We went hiking at San Tan Mountain Regional Park on Saturday and found your toys -- blue and purple birds. I took the blue bird and named it "Phoenix." My brother took the purple bird and named it "Charlie."

I love my bird and think the Toy Society is a great idea.

Thank you,


MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

Do you just leave these out with a note to take them home for anyone to find? Do you leave a link to your blog so you can see their new homes??? If thats what your doing it's about the cutest idea I've ever seen!