Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Is there any place on this planet that the flies take a rest during winter. I'm about to go mad I feel like this kitten.

I can't even open my door without 100's OK maybe not 100's but it feels like 100's coming in the door. I'm about to go postal on them. This is a warning to all the flies out there I'm out for blood and I'm going to let my dog eat your dead bodies. HAHAHAHA how do you like that.
Until later and hopefully a calmer one


A Friend Across the Miles said...

They come and spend their winters resting under my siding. Can I borrow the cat?


Unknown said...

With the exception of some gargantuan hobo spiders that take up residence in our basements over winter, we don't see ANY insects here in NW Montana except in the summer. And I haven't seen a roach since I've moved here.